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We are the authorised after sales and Service Agent for Mitsubishi Centrifuges in Middle-East.

Mitsubishi Oil Centrifuges:

  Mitsubishi Oil Centrifuges:
  Name Byname Abbreivation
   Selfjector, purifier, oil purifier, SJ, separation disk type centrifuge

  Overview of Equipments

   The latest version of MKK's best-selling "SJ"of centrifugal disc type separator for over sixty years with    over 65,000 units supplied to date, "SJ-G (GENIUS) series" offers higher particulate removal performance    in purification for low-grade of heavy fuel oil. This series is easier to maintain, as well as being tough    and simple in construction. "SJ-G (GENIUS) series" is widely used for purifying fuel oil, lubricating fluid    and in the chemical, food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

(For further information, see pages on sanitary versions.)


  • 1. Multi-monitor system integrated with detection and display functions
  • 2. Graphic paneled automatic control panel (GBC-1/GBC-2)
  • 3. Highly reliable G-HIDENS system (optional)
  • 4. Wide-ranging product line with 9 models
  • 5. High-performance solid discharge mechanism
  • 6. Directly-coupled feed pump/built-in discharge pump (standard equipment)


Model   SJ10G SJ20G SJ30G SJ50G SJ60G SJ70G SJ100G SJ120G SJ150G
Capacity L/H 1150 1750 3200 4900 5700 6950 10000 11600 14600
Motor output kw 3.7 5.5 5.5 7.5 11.0 11.0 15.0 15.0 18.5
Note: Capacity is based on heavy fuel oil (IF380)/60 Hz.

  Automated Variations

GSH-1        G-HIDENS version, PLC controlled and suitable for 2 phase/3 phase separation
GBC-1/2     Standard type, CPU-controlled, suitable for 3 phase separation, graphic paneled control panel.
This model is also available with manual operating and emergency shutdown.

  Uses & Suggestions

   1. Purification of fuel oil for engines (marine and generator) and lubricating oil
   2. Purification of waste oil (engine oil)
   3. Removal of oils and solid particles from water-soluble coolant and washing
   4. Liquid-liquid separation (mainly solvent-water separation) in chemical process
   5. Cleaning of meat/bone soap (removal of oily substances and dregs)
   6. Fractionation of pigments, resin slurries, bentonite, etc.

  Uses & Suggestions

   1. Purification of fuel oil for engines (marine and generator) and lubricating oil
   2. Purification of waste oil (engine oil)
   3. Removal of oils and solid particles from water-soluble coolant and washing
   4. Liquid-liquid separation (mainly solvent-water separation) in chemical process
   5. Cleaning of meat/bone soap (removal of oily substances and dregs)
   6. Fractionation of pigments, resin slurries, bentonite, etc.

Lubricating Oil Filter

  K-OL (Manual backwashing-type duplex lubricating oil filter)

With a simple structure and comparatively small capacity, this filter is easy to install because it takes up very little space. The changeover cock on the front side makes manual backwashing and open cleaning simple.

  K8E (Manual, continuous and automatic backwashing lubricating oil type filter)

K8E (Manual, continuous and automatic backwashing lubricating oil type filter)

This filter is provided in a series of wide range for main equipment lubricating oil. The multi-cylinder layout of the elements will raise the backwashing efficiency, and the energy-efficient actuator operated by hydraulic force after filtration will reduce the initial and running costs.

K8FF (Automatic backwashing-type fuel oil filter)

K8FF (Automatic backwashing-type fuel oil filter)

This is an automatic backwashing-type fuel filter provided in a series of wide range for main propulsion engines and generator engines. Taking application to low-quality oil as a motto, we have realized automatic backwashing using the differential pressure and timer in combination and raised backwashing efficiency by multicylindrical layout of elements. We also provide a lineup of automatic duplex filters equipped with the changeover cock (with bypass filter).

Notch wire element

The notch wire element is manufactured by wrapping specially treated thin stainless steel wire around the cylindrical filter frame. It has a simple structure and robust form, allowing very accurate setting of the filtering passage size. In addition, because the element is not subject to corrosion or deterioration, and impurities adhered to the element can easily be eliminated by backwashing or air blowing, the element requires no replacement and has a semi-permanent service life. Because of its high reliability, we also supply many elements of this type to the public sector, including the Defense Agency and Japanese Coast Guard.

Advantage of notch wire element

Feature1 Robust filter
Because a single notch wire is wrapped around a cylindrical filter frame, the element is very robust. For a wire mesh element, when the requirement for the filtration accuracy is high mesh, thin wire is used. This may cause problems for strength, which must be resolved by overlapping the wire mesh in many layers (multilayered structure). On the other hand, a notch wire element with a single-layer structure will attain the required strength.

Feature2 Accurate filtration size
A wire mesh element has filtration accuracy distribution as defined by the Japan Industrial Standard (JIS). On the other hand, a notch wire element makes it possible to manufacture a filter of the correct size. In addition, the filtration size will not be changed after element cleaning.

Feature3 Ease of cleaning
Because of the single-layer structure of the element, impurities adhered to the element can be easily eliminated by air blowing, and the cleaning effectiveness can be visually checked. For this advantage, many elements of this kind are used in the sanitary (food) industry.

Feature4 Large passing area
A wire mesh element has a multilayered structure, resulting in reduced passing area. On the other hand, a notch wire element has a single-layer structure, making it possible to secure a large passing area.

Feature5 Versatile usage
The notch wire element is applicable to high viscosity fluid and the like under any specification conditions, including high temperature and high pressure.

Oil water separator

This oil water separator equipped with a special coalescer eliminates foreign substances with the first layer element and separates water with the second layer. Emulsified water in fuel or lubricating oil can be effectively separated and eliminated by passing it through the special fibrous layer with super-hydrophilic properties.


  1. Diesel or type-A heavy oil can be separated until the water content under room temperature (1 pass) is 0.01% or less for diesel oil, or 0.02% or less for type-A heavy oil. For lubricating oil for industrial use, separation is enabled until the water content is 0.03% (volume) or less under heating temperature (1 pass) with viscosity of approximately 20 cSt.
  2. The separated water volume is monitored with the water level sensor and the separated water is automatically discharged, saving energy.
  3. Because the element is of cartridge type, it can be easily replaced.
  4. Performance is not lowered even under such severe conditions as marine use.
  5. This oil water separator is not available for type B or C heavy oil, A/C blended heavy oil or engine oil, because such oil would raise the differential pressure and lower the separation performance.
We do provide after sales Services and spare parts supply for Kanagawa Filters

Samgong Co.Ltd, Korea

  Accomodation Ladder
Material Aluminium alloy
Surface finish Aluminium part:Aluminium by maker's practice.
Steel part: Hot dip galvanized or painted.
System Ladder system consists of ladder bady, lower platform, upper plctform with turntable, davit, post and rest for stowing, winch with motor, and all accessories as showm in each typical assumbly plan.
Construction and
1. Normal inclinatation of ladder
- 55 degrees to horiwontal.
2. Standard breadth of ladder
- 600mm
3. Joint parts
main body by argon-arc welding and partly by stainless bole and nut
or aluminium rivet.
4. Insulction and steel conacts.
Accomodation Ladder Winch
Through long experiences as an expert marine ladder manufacturer, SAMGONG undertakes full confidence in offering a new series of PILOT LADDER REELS in two types, FIXED and TRAVELLING. Adoption of one man control SAMGONG PILOT LADDER REEL will reduce the crew and danger involved in handling and also eliminates separate ladder stowage. Electric or air power can be used.These winches are specially designed to suit the operation of ship's accommodation ladder and also can be used for small cargo handling operation. Designed for easy coupling with air (fixed or portable motor) or electric motor, these winches can also be safely operated manually in case of emergency, as it is provided with safety brake system.
  • Air Motor type (motor : fixed or portable) Driven by compressed air and the speed controlled by control valve, this winch is used on ship with fire hazard due to electric sparks such as oil tankers.
  • Electric motor type Driven by electric motor, this winch can also be operated by remote control Push - button system
  Type & Capacity
TYPE Hoisting
Weight Fell Rope MOTOR Rope Speed
Air Motor Electric Motor
CP CAP-25 1200kg 1500kg Abt. 230kg D12(6×24) 1.5~5.5PE - 20m/min
CPE-75 1200kg 1500kg D12(6×24) - 1.5~5.5Kw 20m/min
CPAS-5 300Kg 300Kg Abt. 30Kg D8(6×24) 1.5~5.5PE - 50m/min
SP SPA-25 2800kg 3500kg Abt. 400Kg D14(6×24) 1.5~7PE - 20m/min
SPE-91.7 2000kg 2500kg D14(6×24) - 1.5~7.5Kw 20m/min
SW SWA-35 600kg 750kg Abt. 120Kg D12(6×24) 1.5~5.5PE - 18m/min
SWE-105 600kg 750kg Abt. 150Kg D12(6×24) - 1.5~5.5Kw 18m/min
CW CWA-25 500kg 625kg Abt. 100Kg D12(6×24) 1.5~5.5PE - 18m/min
CWA-50 500kg 625kg D12(6×24) 1.5~5.5PE - 9m/min
  General Outline
     CPA(E) S(D)-25(75)-240
  General Outline
Samgong Air Motor
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We do provide after sales Services and spare parts supply for Samgong Make Accomodation Ladder,Gangway Motors and other parts.

We cater to marine & offshore requirements as per specific requirements

We are regular suppliers for Shipping Corporation of India for their Mitsubishi Purifier spare parts.

We provide spares to Cochin Shipyard

We have retrofitted & supplied new Mitubishi purifiers to 2 ships owned by M/s MSC Ship Management

We have supplied SONDEX Plate Heat Exchangers to M/s Bharati Shipyard & M/s Tebma Shipyard

We cater to supply of spares for Fuji Diesel engines on ONGC Offshore platform

We cater to spares for Mitsubishi purifiers on Jagson Offshore Platform

We are registered with M/s Hindustan Shipyard & M/S Mazagaon Docks for sale of equipments

We support Sanghi Infrastructure for requirement of spares on board their Dredgers M/V Ashoka & M/v Pertius II

We support International Dredging Co,Kakinada with supply of spares for their vessels

We support an number of ship management companies

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