Supplies: Locomotives

We are specialized in the supply of spare parts for EMD/HHP and ALCO Diesel Engines as per the following types:

  • Pistons, piston rings, wrist pins.
  • All types of Gaskets Metallic ‘’O’’ Rings and oil seals.
  • Kit gasket of turbo charger, piston cooling pump, over speed Trip housing, camshaft drive housing.
  • Cylinder head/valve lever assemblies and sub-assemblies, inlet and exhaust valves, spring seat and valve locks.
  • Turbo super charger and spares including inlet and outer castings.
  • Water pump, lube oil pump, fuel pump and spares, blowers and crank cast exhausters.
  • Air Compressor, Vacuum exhausters, expressor and spares.
  • Starters, Motors, Convertors of various types and size.
  • Switch Rotary, Clevis Assembly Filter Bowl.
  • HHP Separator Element, Nut Bearing Locks.
  • Spacer Diaphragm-Detector Assembly Crank-Case Pressure.
  • Circuit Breakers- AIRPAX OEM of EMD Circuit Breakers.